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Here’s what some of our Santa Rosa, CA customers are saying about us:

If you are looking to repair your car you are in the right place I definitely recommend these guys are so nice and professional. GOOD JOB GUYS si estas buscando reparar tu auto estas en el lugar adecuado definitibamente los recomiendo estos chicos son muy buenos y profesionales. BUEN TRABAJO CHICOS

Jesus Gonzalez Transco Transmissions & Auto Repair Customer Review

5 Stars!

Kimberly Diaz Google Review

Wow! I cannot believe the quality of service we received from David Vigil, and his crew. I own a 2015 Ford Focus which had a recall on the transmission unit. Even though the unit was under warrenty FORD was going to charge me ove $6K to get the repair done. I talked to Mr. Vigil to explain the situation and he asked that I somehow get the vehicle to him. Thankfully, I had AAA and was able to get it towed for a second evaluation. That $6K ended costing me und $2K to get a transmission problem solved thanks to the efforts and diligence of a trusted transmission repair speclist David and his team that went beyond their expertise to resolve a prolem they initially could not figure out but went to great lenghts to find the problem and resolved with a solution! My Ford Focus is now running with quite a beautiful rev....and is a happy motor! Thank you David and his Team for taking such good care of me and my vehicle! We love you!

Nick Petruzzelli Google Review

Extremely happy with the work they did on my car. Called around for prices and checked reviews for a few days before I decided to go into the shop to meet them. I would never bring my car into a shop for anything, unless I get a good vibe from the people working there. I felt very comfortable right away and brought my car in. I needed a new clutch and everyone who drives a clutch knows how difficult some clutches are and pray that after the repair, their car will be just as comfortable to drive. When I got my car back I was so happy that my clutch felt exactly the same. What was also interesting to me was they wanted to see the car again in 15 days to make sure everything was working right. These guys deserve 5 stars from everyone! anyone giving them less than 4 stars don't understand the time and effort it takes for a job done right! If you love your car and want your car done right from people who care and have great prices, this is the shop for you.

Lauri Burk Google Review

Nice people.

Shelley Owen Google Review

Excellent service and reasonable price.

Sam Ojebola Google Review

Excellent customer service and attention to detail!! Dave walked us through every step of the way and made sure we understood exactly what we did and did NOT need! With so many other places trying to take advantage of you being mechanically illiterate it's refreshing to know that there are still some good honest people out there who value customer service and integrity! Thank you Transco! We'll be using you for all our auto maintenance needs

Doug Talmadge Google Review

Awesome service!!!! I went to several transmission shops in search for the fastest and cheapest service and thankfully found transco! My experience was amazing! Dave the owner was so helpful and honest. I'm a young girl that doesn't know too much about cars so it was nice to be in a place that didn't try to con me into outrageous prices like the others!! I'm so grateful I found them because now I can drive around worry free :)

Isela Marie Google Review

The absolute. Best in town do your car a favor bring it in for some love you won't be sorry

Toby Riddle Google Review

5 Stars!

Mike Mac Google Review


Last week I took my car to a shop to get it looked at and they recommended I take it to Transco because it was a problem with the transmission. I dropped it off and an hour later came back for the diagnosis. Dave informed me that it was not the transmission but the wheel bearings!! Other shops might have found a more expensive 'problem' with my car but he was very honest about the diagnosis. He gave me a reasonable price quote and asked if I would like to have the work done. I decided to go for it and when I told Dave to go ahead he was very enthusiastic and told me that he would have it running like new! It's great to see a mechanic that enjoys their work and takes pride in doing it right.

I am very happy to say that a week later my cars runs like new as promised! I am extremely happy with the work done and will highly recommend Transco to all my friends. I will be taking my car there for any future repairs. Thanks guys!

Sean Barker Google Review

Transco has rebuilt the transmissions two of my vehicles in the last five years, a 2002 Volvo and a 2004 Honda. Both have been running perfectly ever since. They also do the regular maintenance and service on my cars and I'm quite satisfied. David and Jason are a pleasure to work with, fair, and the pricing is reasonable. I have found that their decades of experience have saved me a load of money by finding the simple fix, rather than telling me I need a new transmission or something.

Dan Lesterman Google Review

IMPRESSED !! I am impressed with the service I received from David and Jason. They explain things very clearly and I always learn more about my car when I leave there! I am a woman so this is important to me as I have had bad experiences at mechanic shops in the past. Keep up the great work TRANSO !! Thanks again for all your help guys!

Carrie Manion Google Review

When I reached 275,000 miles on my BMW, I recently had Transco overhaul the transmission in my 1992 5.25i Touring Wagon. The transmission had been slowly failing for about a year and when it only backed up when it wanted to, I knew it was time to repair it. It was a tough call, as the car had reached the end of its economic life, so to speak. When I first took it in to the shop, David and Jason both took a look at it, drove it, and put it up on the rack for a look see. To me a transmission is something foreign and mysterious, but they took the time to talk with me about the problems and how they would go about fixing it. I felt so confident in their skills and experience that I just told them to go ahead and fix it. It took nearly a week for them to take it all apart, clean it, analyze the issues, get a rebuild kit, and put it all back together. But, wow! When I drove it the first time it was like I was back in Germany cruising through the mountains again. Smooth as butter. It shifted at exactly the speed the manual said it should for each gear. David went from high school right to transmission school, so transmissions have been his whole life and it shows in the attention to detail. The employees have all been there for years and that tells you a lot. The shop is clean and tidy and that is a real challenge in that business.

The long and the short of it is that I strongly recommend you consider Transco should you have transmission problems. They work on cars, trucks, and also handle all other automotive problems you may have. They also replaced my brake systems' master cylinder and the brake work beautifully.

Larry MacDonald Google Review

We recently needed a new transmission put into our 2003 Acura MDX. The guys at Transco were a pleasure to work with and provided a great experience for a great price! I will definitely recommend them to all of my friends, family and colleagues!

Jon Crosby Google Review

I was amazed at the Honesty and High Quality of this Automotive Transmission Shop. I would recommend Transco Transmissions to any of my friends or family.
This family owned business is a WINNER!

A Google User Google Review

My clutch recently failed, and not knowing any local transmission places, I took a chance on Transco. So glad I did!

Estimate was about what I expected, and while they were working on the car, they noticed a small leak and called to get an approval for a $50 charge... unheard of these days! Finished ahead of schedule, and came in under estimate even w/ the extra work!

On top of that, they offer (and practically insist!) that you return 15days after the work to inspect, and if necessary, readjust/correct any problems w/ their work for FREE! Needless to say, they didn't find anything wrong, but in this day of fly-by-night operators, it is wonderful to find a firm that offers TRUE customer service, and I can't recommend them highly enough!

A Google User Google Review

I was sitting in the waiting room by an elderly women. We got to talking about Dave's Transco shop and she said; 'I've been coming here a long can trust these guys...they are honest. I drive over 40 miles from Sonoma to Santa Rosa because I know these guys will do a great job and they are fair and honest.'
I'll tell you what, I don't even remember the lady's name but I could tell she meant what she said. Good Job Transco.

Brad Hardisty

A Google User Google Review

Awesome service!!!! I went to several transmission shops in search for the fastest and cheapest service and thankfully found transco! My experience was amazing! Dave the owner was so helpful and honest. I'm a young girl that doesn't know too much about cars so it was nice to be in a place that didn't try to con me into outrageous prices like the others!! I'm so grateful I found them because now I can drive around worry free :)

Isela B. Yelp

Transco is the bomb! Dave and Jason really took care of me in my time of need. My Honda's tranny pooped out, so I had it towed to the dealer for diagnosis. Dealer tried to tell me that the problem was related to using wrong transmission fluid, which didn't sound right. So, gave the guys at Transco a call and they took care of it from there. Dave towed my car from the dealer, diagnosed the problem, and had the car ready to go when I got back from my trip.

Great service, good value, and friendly folks who know what they're doing.

Rod H. Yelp

I have been to this shop several times for miscellaneous auto service needs and have always walked away satisfied with their work as well as the reasonableness of their pricing. this is a very honest shop and staff is friendly and knowledgeable

Rose T. Yelp

These guys are awesome!!! After having a horrible experience at another shop these guys went above and beyond to help us out and got our truck fixed for a very reasonable price! I would totally recommend them to anyone!!!!!

Lasha R. Yelp

Honest people! Told me my estimate including taxes etc. So I knew what to expect to walk out the door. I love that they are not a chain repair shop.

Erin B. Yelp

Good Job
This was my first time ever using Transco Transmission & Auto Repair. I've gotten my brakes done and oil change from them. I found out about this company by driving by every day. Their staff were also professional. Overall, I think they did a good job.

Joe R. CustomerLobby Review

Fast and efficient
I had Transco Transmission & Auto Repair repair my brakes and they did a good job. A friend referred me to them because they take their car to Transco and I was looking for someone new. They were fast and friendly and I would go back if I needed anything else done!

Geovanna M. CustomerLobby Review

Super helpful, good people, honest. Always a good experience.
Transco Transmission & Auto Repair are rad. I don't have a lot of time but they are really stoked, I've gone over there over and over again and they are always super helpful. They just seem like good people and like they are totally honest. I've always had a good experience and always send my friend there.

Freedman S. CustomerLobby Review

The best
This is the best in town people you can trust l will go nowhere else for repair the best service I've ever had

Toby R. CustomerLobby Review

A very pleasant and comfortable experience
It was my first time going to Transco Transmission & Auto Repair, and I'm impressed that they did the job well and within the estimate. They worked on the front wheel bearings and did an oil change on my 2004 PT Cruiser. Their staff was very courteous, and making an appointment with them wasn't a problem. I will go back.

David P. CustomerLobby Review

I used Transco Transmission & Auto Repair awhile back to get my transmission oil changed, and that was the only familiarity I had with them. Recently they rebuilt my whole transmission. They were very honest and I was happy with their work.

Kevin M. CustomerLobby Review

They are just nice people trying to help you
I have been going to Transco Transmission & Auto Repair for a couple of months and they are really nice. They have fixed my car, they have good prices and they are done on time. They try to help you in any way they can and they are good.

Tim A. CustomerLobby Review

Transco Transmission & Auto Repair changed out a fuel pump on a high-mileage 1985 Honda, and worked on my 1994 work truck's transmission. Everything turned out good. They kept working until they figured out what the problems were. Their prices are real reasonable, and they delivered in a timely fashion.

John P. CustomerLobby Review

I've been going to Transco Transmission and Auto Repair to have them do work on two of my cars for the past five years now. I keep going back to them because they are consistent in the quality of their work, professional, and easy to work with. Scheduling an appointment is quick and they offer prices comparative to other places. I can always rely on the guys at Transco to provide great, reliable service.

Bob H. CustomerLobby Review

It was just a great overall experience and I would definitely use them again!
I've been going to Transco Transmissions and Auto Repair for about a year and half now. The first time I used their services, they repaired and rebuilt my transmission. I went back to them most recently to have them do a quick maintenance check on how it was doing. I would say their prices are good for what you get. The mechanics at Transco Transmission and Auto Repair are great. They're very friendly and professional and kept us informed about the car throughout the process and had a quick turnaround time. Great experience and service.

Kasey G. CustomerLobby Review

Transco did a great trannie rebuild for me. I was under time pressure to take an RV trip with our Dodge diesel and Dave, the owner and shop manager, did all he could to get us on the road. This included putting two techs on the job to meet our deadline.
Dave showed me the defective parts and made recommendations before the work started. He didn't have to do it that way, but he did. This was outstanding service that a dealership would never do. Transco is honest and competent. See them!

Mike R. CustomerLobby Review

Honest, competant mechanics
Jason and David have worked on two different vehicles for me. My Dodge Ram pick up had its transmision rebuilt and they fixed a leak in the coolant system on my Chevy Tahoe. In both cases they handled the diagnosis and repairs in a courteous competant manner. They explained what was happening and what needed to be done, never talking down or taking any for granted. They did good work and kept me updated at all stages. And then they made sure to follow up later to make sure that I was satisfied and the vehicles were working well. I would not hesitate to take any auto repair problems to them.

Cate S. CustomerLobby Review

250,000 miles and runs like new!
Transco recently rebuilt/replaced the transmission in my 1992 BMW 5.25i Touring Wagon and I was delighted with the work they did. With 250,000 miles, I was concerned that the car was over the hill, but David and Jason brought the old bird back to life and it runs like it did when picked up in Germany and driven through the Swiss alps! It shifts at the exact speed the manual says it should and feels like butter when changing gears. I am really happy with the work, as well as those who worked on the car for me. Highly recommended! Thank you, Transco!

Larry M. CustomerLobby Review

They stand behind their work.
I needed a whole new transmission, and I took it back to them because they had worked on it before. They found another part they should they should have replaced, and fixed it for the cost of the part with no labor. I thought that was terrific.

David C. CustomerLobby Review

A++ service, look no further for a auto mechanic.
Finding a good auto mechanic is like finding a good dentist. Transco Transmission & Auto Repair are very fair, and they always explain the work before they do anything. They know what they're doing. I've used them for about four years now. Jason and Dave are great.

Bridget W. CustomerLobby Review

Very professional.
I've had very good experiences with them. They keep track of things for my car, and let me know what to watch for. They are really caring, they're not just out to make a buck.

Sharon J. CustomerLobby Review

Excellent Service
Transco is just exceptional! I have used them quite a bit. They are always on time, fair, and they let me know when work is not necessary. They are accommodating, trustworthy, and have a lot of integrity. I don't live in Santa Rosa, but I'll drive the distance to have them work on my truck.

Susan L. CustomerLobby Review

This is a good place to go to get your car fixed
I needed my transmission looked at, so I went to a phone book and looked for a transmission center. I liked Transco's ad, so I gave them a call. They ended up fixing the transmission on my car and did the service on it. The truck is running well now.

Bob H. CustomerLobby Review

Very good. I recommend Transco.
I got a bit of work on my transmission by Transco and it turned out fine. I thought the staff were friendly and knowledgeable and helpful. I have recommended Transco to various people. They stand out in the attention that they give customers.

Susan H. CustomerLobby Review

I am happy to recommend them. If you need mechanical work of any kind, they are the place to go.
I have been very pleased with Transco Transmission & Auto Repair. They have been supremely honest with us. We have gone to them a number of times, and they do a good job every time.
I have recommended them to many other people and they have all been happy with the service. Honesty and integrity are very important, and they embody both.

Ken M. CustomerLobby Review

Wonderful all the way.
My experience with Transco Transmission & Auto Repair was excellent. They kept working until they scrubbed out all the problems. They had excellent professionalism. I have nothing but great stuff to say about them. They were wonderful, all the way, and of course I would recommend them.

Hanora C. CustomerLobby Review

They made what is normally a stressful experience, a calm and pleasant one.
For somebody who doesn't know much about car's, you can be apprehensive about choosing a mechanic. I have never felt this way with Transco Transmission & Auto Repair. They went above and beyond the call of duty, for what I was paying them, to make sure the car was safe and running correctly.
The explanations of the issues were very easy to understand, so I could know what was going on. When things were wrong they told me the prices so I could be prepared, and it usually came out on the lesser side. They are polite and extremely honest.

John D. CustomerLobby Review

Transco Transmission & Auto Repair are just very informative, very friendly and always willing to work with their customers.
I started going to Transco Transmission & Auto Repair after my manufacture's warranty ran out and I've never had a problem. They guarantee the work they do, and back it up 100. They are quick to answer any questions I have. They provide a great experience and offer reasonable prices. I don't know what else to say, they're just great!

Rachelle A. CustomerLobby Review

You can trust Transco Transmission & Auto Repair to be fair, to do a great job and to always provide the best service possible.
I have been nothing but pleased with Transco Transmission & Auto Repair. I've never found fault in anything they've worked on for me during the three years I've been using them. I drive about an hour to get to them too, but I would never trust anyone else with my car. I highly recommend their services to everyone. They were referred to me, and I haven't looked back since!

Anna W. CustomerLobby Review

I have never had a problem with Transco Transmission & Auto Repair. They have always been real professionals. They are real honest, and they don't do work they aren't supposed to.
Jason and Dave are absolutely fantastic people. I'm so impressed with them that I brought my daughter's GMC Yukon from Roseville to be repaired. They're wonderful people.

Dick D. CustomerLobby Review

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