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Our Story

Transco Transmissions and Auto Repair in Santa Rosa, CA first opened its doors back in 1966, but was purchased by current owner David Vigil in 2002.

When David graduated high school, he went to a technical college and started working in the transmission industry because it was the most challenging subject in the field. David began his automotive career at Transco in 1986 as a mechanic. As he acquired more years of experience under his belt, he learned a lot about the industry and eventually began helping with customers at the front counter. David decided to attend business and management classes and soon became the general manager at Transco. This led to his decision to purchase the business from the owner in 2002 and to bring his own family into the operation.

Transco Transmissions and Auto Repair specializes in transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials, but can handle any general auto repair or maintenance item your vehicle may need. Don’t hesitate to give us a call with any questions or concerns that you have regarding your vehicle or our services. Our ultimate goal is to provide our community with excellent customer service and be an affordable option for all.

When you’re looking for transmission or general auto repair in the Santa Rosa area that is trustworthy and dependable, bring your vehicle to Transco Transmissions and Auto Repair today and experience the difference!